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Sahayam – Osmania University’s Psychological Counseling and Wellness Centre

Crisis Intervention :

Crisis Intervention is an intensive, short-term way to help people cope with and overcome serious personal crises. Thus, we at Sahayam are available to the university staff and students to help them cope with any mental health crises that occur among the university population. The counselor is primarily concerned about your safety and well-being and that of people around you..

For that reason, he/she may ask you questions about whether you're having any thoughts about harming yourself or someone else, about how well you are managing daily activities and about what kinds of alcohol, drugs and medications you may be taking..

Sometimes crisis situations are so serious that treatment in a psychiatric hospital or some other 24hour treatment facility is necessary to ensure your safety and stabilize your situation. If your counselor determines that you need such intensive types of care, he/she may help you arrange admission to an appropriate facility.

If you go to such a treatment facility, your Counseling Center staff member may stay in touch with the facility to make sure that appropriate mental health services are available to you after you are discharged. After you are discharged, it is extremely important for you to attend any follow- up treatment sessions that your counselor arranges for you.