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Sahayam – Osmania University’s Psychological Counseling and Wellness Centre

Tele Counseling Covid - 19:

Tele Counseling Team is a group of professionals with a strong academic background in psychology and experience in teaching, training, counseling, and research.As part of its outreach, Team Sahayam aims to offer tele-counseling to the community with a primary focus on Covid-19.

Our purpose

We are going through an unprecedented time with no clear road map. Ambiguity and uncertainty about coronavirus and isolationis creating extremely stressful situations. Our thoughts about an event or experience powerfully affects our emotional, behavioral, and physical responses to it. Through education and awareness about the pandemic, Team Sahayam seeks to help people who are psychologically vulnerable through proactive strategies to minimize the impact on mental health.

  1. to apply psychological knowledge to the pressing challenge facing us today
  2. to create awareness and educate individuals on how to cope and maintain psychological well- being during and after the pandemic.

Team Sahayam will focus primarily on cognitive,behaviora land emotional reactionsto the current situation including Anxiety,Fear, Helplessness, Uncertainty, Confusion, Stigma, Stress& Coping with Change, Loss (of a sense of safety, jobs, loved ones, social connection, opportunities, control), Grief,Depression, Hopelessness,Suicidal Thoughts, difficulties in Interpersonal Relationships and other related issues.

Tele-counseling 10am-12noon 9848353305
Monday- Friday 12noon-2pm 8309661424
Tele-counseling 10am-12noon 9848353305
Email: sahayamou@gmail.com